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Date: 05/20/04-03:21:44 AM Z

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> The pamphlet is intended to reference other pamphlets thru the
> bibliogrphy. Pamphlets are intended to stay very close to the
> what scientists know and extending it carefully. The next step
> is to introduce semantic latex tags like \concept{ }

So, it won't be possible to load the pamphlet from the paper into Axiom
and have the algorithm(s) defined there available?
> > 2) Is there some systematic approach that should be put in place
> > for how to go back and document what's already there? I.E.,
> > start with the most basic code and document one's way up the
> > capabilities?
> erm,... I retype the papers from pdf format to TeX format and then
> include the code (making it a pamphlet). Almost no-one posts TeX
> so there appears to be no choice. Fateman has been looking at
> recognizers for file formats but a push to collect and store the TeX
> files would save a tremendous amount of time. In the last year I've
> retyped approx 500 pages of pdf to TeX.

Ouch. What I ment though was when you said there were 1100 domains in
Axiom with no theoretical documentation - is that what the paper
conversion is addressing?


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