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On Tue, 18 May 2004, root wrote:

> Are the algorithms described anywhere?
> While a GCL version might be of interest I think there is much to
> be learned by trying to port and properly document the algorithms.


as fare as I understand the package (havn't though done much with it, so I
might be wrong), it is designed for very "practical" purpose (ie
phenomenology.) Many problems can be subsummarized in a larger frame of
mathematics. Given the type system of AXIOM, it would be, in my eyes, a
fraud to implement something like "Dirac matrixes" and trace rules, while
this is a closed structure in a *-autonomous category. However, I am still
not able myself to give AXIOM code for such a vast general thing.

Most CAS do _not_ document actual algorithms. Its even very difficult (as
a non expert)= to find/lookup the currently favored algorithms (for say
comparison with own better(?) ones). So I consider the pamphlet idea to be
one of the most important of AXIOM and would support a FeynCalc package
iff its really _fully_ documented via pamphlet format _including_ all
algorithmical details.


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