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Date: 05/07/04-04:22:13 PM Z

Greetings! There is considerable interest in the maxima community to
get FeynCalc working with Maxima, the open source branch off of to
formerly popular commercial product Macsyma. We feel this would
extend the availability of your fine work considerably, even making it
possible to distribute with the popular GNU/Linux distributions all
over the world. Is there any interest in the FeynCalc community to
help with such an effort? If so, it would probably be helpful for
such interested persons to identify themselves and their area of
expertise. Also, suggestions for the simplest way to proceed would be
helpful. Right now our best option appears to be to start with a
rudimentary mathematica to maxima translator called mockmma. I don't
suppose that mathematica happens to compile its code to lisp at an
intermediary stage which can then be inspected by the user?

Take care,

James Amundson <> writes:

> On Mon, 2004-05-03 at 16:26, Richard Fateman wrote:
> > I think that if FeynCalc is exactly the specification
> > you want, that is useful information: it could be
> > possible to replicate it in Maxima. I don't know how
> > many people know both Mathematica and Maxima, but
> > you are clearly one of them!
> I would strongly encourage someone to look at getting FeynCalc to work
> with Maxima. They FeynCalc authors may (or may not) be interested in
> cooperating. It would be worth asking them.
> I owned a copy of FeynCalc back when it was a commercial product. I
> don't have time to work on it right now myself, but I can promise that I
> will be cooperative with someone who does work on this project.
> I think investigating using MockMMA to help would be an excellent
> research project.
> --Jim
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