Name: Jon Palmer (email_not_shown)
Date: 02/26/04-02:07:44 AM Z

Dear All,

I am trying to use FeynCalc(PHI) & FeynArts to calculate amplitudes of 1
loop self energies according to an extension of the SM that I am working on.
I can create the topologies insert and the fields just fine using FeynsArts
alone or embedded in FeynCalc so I am happy that the model file is valid.

However when I call CreateFCAmp it returns results that include terms such

Pair[6, Momentum[q1]] + Pair[7, Momentum[q1]]

I presume that this is somehow related to the Chiral projectors Gamma6,
Gamma7 but I am not sure how to interpret these terms. Should the
calculations that follow still work or is the a bug in CreateFCAmp and it's
handling of the chiral projectors?

Many thanks
Jon Palmer
Oxford University

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