Name: Vesna Cuplov (email_not_shown)
Date: 11/19/03-02:58:10 PM Z

I have calculated radiative corrections to a process involving the kaon. I
have now all the analytic results for the decay rate of this process. I
need to perform integrals over the phase space of the decay to get a
numerical result.

I see that FeynCalc is used for algebraic calculations. LoopTools can not
evaluate functions with non-numeric arguments.

I would like to know what package I can use under mathematica to perfor
such integrals?

A basic example is, how can I get a numerical result for

I give values of Masses in the mathematica programm, then

Integrate[ PaVe[0, {M1^2, s, M2^2}, {0,M1^2, M2^2}], {s, 4 M1^2, (M2-ml)^2}]

I try to do this with use of FeynCalc and LoopTools but it does not work.

Could you please help me.

Best regards,
Vesna Cuplov
Vesna Cuplov (PhD)
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