Name: Frederik Orellana (email_not_shown)
Date: 11/03/02-01:56:12 PM Z


Sorry for the late reply. And thanks for testing.

There are two issues:

1) The syntax accepted by OneLoop (try ?OneLoop): OneLoop[q, amplitude],
where q is a raw symbol and amplitude is an amplitude. You're giving a list
of amplitudes (admittedly a rather short one) as second argument. I usually
do OneLoop[q,#]& /@ {amplitude1, ....}. We could of course make OneLoop
smarter and accept more diverse input - I don't know...

2) The FeynArts model files, which, as mentioned, I have not really used:
My patch script FAPatch.m replaces Global`PolarizationVector with
Global`FAPolarizationVector. The reason for doing this is that FeynCalc
already uses the symbol PolarizationVector, but has it in a different
context than Global` and uses a different input syntax. Unfortunately, I
didn't notice that in the model files, the symbol PolarizationVector is
written as, well, PolarizationVector, not Global`PolarizationVector,
because the context is already Global`. So my patch misses them. I will, of
course, correct this.

So, to quickly fix it, replace PolarizationVector with FAPolarizationVector
in the files
Lorentz.gen, Lorentzbgf.gen and QED.gen.

Hope this helps.


At 17:51 24-10-2002 +0100, you wrote:
>I have hit a problem using OneLoop. Have attached a notebook which
>illustrates it. It is very simple and I am hoping that I have made a stupid
>mistake - being a beginner to all this! Hope someone can put me right.
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