Name: Frederik Orellana (email_not_shown)
Date: 08/23/02-06:56:03 PM Z

Hi Francesco.

I looked at using SMQCD.mod and decided to make a few small changes to
FeynCalc. With these changes, the built-in FeynArts model files can be
used (at least SMQCD, SMc, QED and SM). You have to reinstall FeynArts
though (to have the model files patched).

I've uploaded the changes (plus a lot of other changes, mostly to PHI)
to the CVS repository and made a checkout to HighEnergyPhysics.tar.gz
avaliable on the download page of the website.

Attached is a notebook to get you started. I haven't checked the
physics; please let me know if the results look sensible...

Frederik Orellana wrote:
> Hi Frederik,
> now I am studying some QCD processes and it would be nice to use an
> adapted version of your pach file to translate such amplitudes from FA
> to FC notation (probably paching Lorentz.gen and
> I have tried to do it but without success.
> I am grate to you for your kind last week assistence and I will be in
> debt with you if you will find some time to help me this week.
> However thank you very much also for the time you are reading
> Best Regards
> Francesco Tramontano

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