Name: Frederik Orellana (email_not_shown)
Date: 08/13/02-05:43:59 PM Z

Hi Francesco.

You're not missing anything. The problem is that what you're doing is something I did not attempt with FeynCalc(PHI)+FeynArts ; namely using the models coming with FeynArts. However, it should of course be possible. The patch which is applied is applied only to the FeynArts program files, not the model files. Therefore there is a naming conflict when using the patched FeynArts program with the unpatched files.

The fix is to patch the model files too. I attach a notebook demonstrating a quick fix (patching sm.mod and Lorentz.gen) to get you running and will incorporate the fix into the next version of FeynCalc which I will put up as soon as possible. The sownload file will still bear the name HighEnergyPhysics.tar.gz, as I don't feel ready for a new version number.

Thanks for reporting the problem.


At 15:38 13-08-2002 +0200, you wrote:

Could you help me? I'd like to understand the way I can traslate SM or SMQCD amplitudes from FeynArts to FaynCalc format to continue the calculation.

Maibe some setteing (that I have not undestand) is required to work using the general model "Lorentz" and models SM or SMQCD.
1) I have unpacked the last version of FeynCalc and FeynArts3 in the right places
2) I loaded the packages

and processed the pach
3) I tried to evaluate:


S[_]},InsertionLevel\[Rule]Classes, Model\[Rule]"SM"];

>From In[6]:=
  RowBox[{\(InitializeModel::"incomp2"\), \(\(:\)\(\ \)\),
"\<\"Incompatible \
index structure in classes coupling \\!


\\0\\) indices, not >"}],


What is wrong or missing?
Is there any
a) command
b) setting or
c) sub-package
to insert SM or QCDSM fields in the topology and continue calculation?

Thank you very much for the time yuo will spend to answer
Best Regards
Francesco Tramontano

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