Name: Frederik Orellana (email_not_shown)
Date: 11/06/01-11:21:29 AM Z

Hello all of You.

Many apologizes for the bugs in HighEnergyPhysics.tar.gz. They are
fixed now, I've updated HighEnergyPhysics.tar.gz and with this
version everyone should be able to load FeynCalc.

It is the "latest development version" and as such bears no version
number yet, but it is the recomended download and when you load it
you'll see that it outputs the version number 4.1.1 which is a
tentative number. Before flagging it in the CVS repository however, I
would like to have as many bug reports as possible and also fixes and
contributions if possible :-)

I had hoped to have some two-loop examples ready for the new version,
but haven't had the time (I still have a thesis to write). However
anyone interested in Chiral Perturbation Theory will notice a lot of
additions (more additions and examples to come soon). Also, now using
FeynArts with FeynCalc is as easy as downloading it and dropping it
in the HighEnergyPhysics directory (it is then automatically patched
if $LoadPhi and $LoadFeynArts are set to True).

Best wishes, Frederik

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