Name: Sergio Gaudio (email_not_shown)
Date: 09/19/01-02:21:55 AM Z

Dear All,
Sorry bothering you but I am trying to install the FeynCalc package,but
unfortunately i get an error message.After giving
<<HighEnergyphysics`fc`i get

"Could not find FeynCalc installation. Quitting the
Mathematica \
After downloading the tar.gz file from the site i unstuffited the file
under /AddOns/Applications.....the operation created a folder
Then opened Mathematica i typed <<HighEnergyPhysics`fc`
and the quoted message above appeared...What am i doing wrong...

I am using a Mac and the version of Mathematica i have is 4.1

ps " This is one of the first time i am using Mathematica."
So i am largely unexperienced with the software
Thanx for your time
looking forward to your reply
Sergio Gaudio
Boston College,Physics Dept
Chestnut Hill,MA
rm 228,mbox J1

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