Name: Timur Rashba (email_not_shown)
Date: 02/20/01-06:56:56 PM Z

Hello All!

Could you explain this strange result:

I was trying to calculate the trace

and I've obtained

2 (\[ImaginaryI] Eps[LorentzIndex[mu], LorentzIndex[ComplexIndex[mu]],
          Momentum[k1], Momentum[k2]] +
      Pair[LorentzIndex[mu], Momentum[k2]] Pair[
          LorentzIndex[ComplexIndex[mu]], Momentum[k1]] +
      Pair[LorentzIndex[mu], Momentum[k1]] Pair[
          LorentzIndex[ComplexIndex[mu]], Momentum[k2]] -
      Pair[LorentzIndex[mu], LorentzIndex[ComplexIndex[mu]]] Pair[
          Momentum[k1], Momentum[k2]])

What does the first term mean?
Eps[LorentzIndex[mu], LorentzIndex[ComplexIndex[mu]],Momentum[k1],
Why momenta k1 and k2 appeared in the indexes of LeviCivita?
It's not correct.

Thank you in advance for the help.


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