Name: Larry Trueman (email_not_shown)
Date: 09/05/00-05:51:08 PM Z

I have just downloaded the latest version of FeynCalc from your website and
am having trouble installing it on my PowerMacG3, running 8.5 and
Mathematica 4.0. I have installed the folder HighEnergyPhysics on my
harddrive in AddOns:Applications as I did with my earlier version of
FeynCalc, but when I try to run fc as you describe I get the message "Could
not find FeynCalc installation. Quitting the Mathematica
kernel." The installation looks correct and Mathematica does find and open
other files in Applications so the Path seems to be OK. I have quit and
restarted seveeral times but nothing changes. Any suggestions?

                                        Larry Trueman

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