Name: Jim Roller (email_not_shown)
Date: 09/05/00-08:54:49 AM Z


We have one of the new modules mis-named on the web page

It is refered to as "tarver" and then several lines later as "tarcer".

These simple errors do not engender confidence in a field where mistakes
lead to wrong conclusians.

thank you,

Jim Roller

section follows:

As of version 4.1, FeynCalc consists of a number of modules each related to
a certain area of quantum field theory (e.g. a physical model). A module is
a logical grouping of code, usually a package file or collection of package
files. Below follows a list of the present modules. The modules tarver and
phi are new modules that are being integrated into FeynCalc 4.1.

FeynCalc modules:

core (the file FeynCalc.m); definitions of the basic objects.
fctools; tools for kinematics, algebraic manipulations, Feynman rules,
Passarino-Veltmann decomposition of one-loop integrals and more.
general; mathematical tools.
qcd; QCD, gluon, OPE stuff and more.
fctables; tables of integrals, splitting functions and more.
tarcer; two loop stuff.
Phi; ChPT stuf

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