Name: Alan (email_not_shown)
Date: 09/04/00-09:55:30 PM Z

Hi Frederik,
I'm sending the code in two parts-- a runfile called MASON_IZrun.nb, and a
code file
called MASON_IZcode.nb. Controlling the precise form of the intermediate
expressions and conservation of simplification are a major preoccupation of
the code, which I'm leaving unpackaged. The code dealing with these aspects
should be generally useful and in any case illustrates the headaches that

AOL limits me to 32 KB transfers without using attachments. I myself never
accept attachments, don't use the Microsoft Office products, and have never
been infected, so you will be quite safe. If you still prefer not to accept
attachments, or can't handle the AOL attachment format, I can break the code
file into three parts and mail them separately

A fairly thorough study of pp. 419-422 in Itzakson and Zuber is needed to see
what the code is doing; just running the runfile will give some idea, though.
If there's interest, I can type up my handwritten notes in a TEX file that
gives the underlying analysis (mostly power counting).

Yours truly,

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