To install the FormLink and FeynCalcFormLink packages, run the following instruction in a Kernel or Notebook session of Mathematica 7, 8 or 9 on Linux, MacOSX, or Windows.


The installer will automatically download from here and extract the files from the archive to the directory Applications in the directory $UserBaseDirectory, which is by default located in the search path of Mathematica. Their values for different platform are listed in TABLE I. Specifying

$installdirectory = mydir

before running the installer will change the installation directory. It is recommended to use a directory which is on the Mathematica path, e.g., HomeDirectory[], or $BaseDirectory.

Platform $UserBaseDirectory
Windows C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Mathematica
Linux ~/.Mathematica
Mac OS X ~/Library/Mathematica

TABLE I: The values of $UserBaseDirectory for different operating systems

At the end of the installation FormLink and FeynCalcFormLink are loaded and two simple examples are run, one uses FormLink:
	FormLink[" AutoDeclare vector p;
   		   Local T = g_H0, p1,p2,p3,p4,p5,p6L;
		   trace4 0;
		 " (*, Form2M -> Identity *) (* <-- uncommenting returns a string *)
	FORM and FormRead finished, time needed before translating to Mathematica: 0. sec
	Translation done. Total wall clock time needed: 0.2184 sec
	4 p1.p6 p2.p5 p3.p4 - 4 p1.p5 p2.p6 p3.p4 + 4 p1.p2 p3.p4 p5.p6 -
	4 p1.p6 p2.p4 p3.p5 + 4 p1.p4 p2.p6 p3.p5 + 4 p1.p5 p2.p4 p3.p6 - 4 p1.p4 p2.p5 p3.p6 +
	4 p1.p6 p2.p3 p4.p5 - 4 p1.p3 p2.p6 p4.p5 + 4 p1.p2 p3.p6 p4.p5 - 4 p1.p5 p2.p3 p4.p6 +
	4 p1.p3 p2.p5 p4.p6 - 4 p1.p2 p3.p5 p4.p6 + 4 p1.p4 p2.p3 p5.p6 - 4 p1.p3 p2.p4 p5.p6
The other example executes FeynCalcFormLink, which generates and runs the corresponding FORM program, substituting ASCII values for greek indices intermediately:
	AutoDeclare Index lor;
	Format Mathematica;
	L resFL = (g_(1,lor2)*g_(1,lor3)*g_(1,lor4)*g_(1,lor5)*g_(1,lor6)*g_(1,lor1));
	contract 0;
	#call put("%E", resFL)
	Piping the script to FORM and running FORM
	Time needed by FORM : 0. seconds. FORM finished. Got the result back to Mathematica as a string.
	Start translation to Mathematica/FeynCalc syntax
	Total wall clock time used: 0.14 seconds. Translation to Mathematica and FeynCalc finished.